Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

One week from today I will be flipping out about the half I will be running the following moring. we will have to wake up at 3 to run the race for 5:40. we have to be on the monorail by 4 am to make it to the start in time to run. they were calling for rain and now they aren’t so let’s hope it stays that way!!!

As a running New Year’s resolution I would like to keep better track of my runs. Right now, I have a calendar on my refrigerator and I mar down how many miles I run on a given day, or if I cross train how many minutes etc. but thats about it. I want to start keeping a journal with more details like pace, where I ran, weather, how it affected my run, if it felt like a good run or a bad run, etc. so maybe I can see some patterns that will help me train better. we will see if it lasts! haha.

tomorrow I am tapering to 5-6 miles and I will run 3 on monday and 3 on tuesday and that will be it before the race!