This morning, I wnet on a 5 mile run with my husband. I didn’t have work today so it was nice to wake up to the sun, and then go run in the 52 degree weather! We ran a new way today. Instead of going through our boring neighborhood we ran down our old country road, across the street and onto the trails of another neighborhood. They were so quiet and peaceful! It was a really nice run.

here is our road, looking both ways.

the trails in the Reunion

running by some houses

I think we will start running this way more ofter. The trail wraps all the way around the neighborhood, or we could run through the neighborhood. Lots of options! This excites me because I was getting REALLY boared of our small neighborhood and didn’t want to have to drive somewhere to run.
SO I definately feel accomplished and wish i could run in the morning every day! (In daylight and not freezing) I have so much more energy now.
So to explain the title of this post, the high today is 64! After weeks of freezing, 64! This weekend it’s supposed to be 72! wow! But, it’s such a tease because next week, the high is 54….grumble grumble…come on spring!

**I also updated my races section with a couple pics from other races we have run.