As I type this, I am listening to a crazy loud amount of thunder and watching a ton of lightning. Luckily, I did get a quick run in. I knew I would be limited on time with the rain coming in so I decided to do a quick sprint workout.
I LOVE to sprint. It just feels so freeing. I ran teh 100 m dash in HS and absolutely loved it. I also anchored the 4x 100 m relay team. We got 3rd in state and I got 6th in the 100 woo hoo. Alright alright I won’t relive my glory days and bore you all. I do think it would be fun if I found some old pictures of me at track meets and posted them. What do you think? yay or nay? I was pretty goofy looking.
Ok Ia m rambling. So, this sprint workout, I did a total of 2 miles. Yes, yes that doesn;t sound like much but when you are sprinting your guts out as fast as you can then it’s a lot! There is this really straight road one over from mine and I use it to go up and down up and down with my sprinting. Here is said road. (you can see how dark it was getting. this was at 3:30)

Here is said dark sky

I would sprint 1/3rd of it, walk a 3rd then sprint a 3rd, trun around and do it again. The neighbors probably thought I was crazy.
I made it just in time, whew! So while it was warm, and I sweated, I still feel just “ok” because it was 2 miles. (Even though on the sprinting part I was running a 6 minute mile, fast for me!) So I may do some abs and legs while I watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Yes yes I am one of those. Am man…..the sattelite just went out!!!!

****UPDATE! after I posted this my husband called and said turn on the weather. we were under a TORNADO WARNING! Fabulous. just fabulous. Anyway, I was petrified for quite awhile while the HAIL was pounding our windows but we are all ok and safe!