Tomorrow is the big day! I get so nervous just thinking about it. Saints vs. Vikings, in the dome, my goodness do I wish I could be there! It is going to be AMAZING. See, I have been a Saints fan from day one. Grew up in a suburb of the city, grew up with season tickets, grew up wih the Aints, stuck with them throught he paper bag times, and the recent good times. I. Love. Saints. Football. We have never made it to the superbowl, and I would seriously FLIP OUT if we made it, and won. AAHH! So, be thinking of me tomorrow. I will be yelling at my tv, jumping up and down, pacing around behind the couch, and scaring the dogs so much that Sassy hides in the bedroom.

Does anyone have any predictions? I say Saints by 10. Anyone else?

I shall leave you with these pictures in parting. WHO DAT?!?

coming for YOU Vikings!

on a running note…rest day today…not sure about tomorrow. If the Saints win I may ahve so much energy I run around the block a few times!