We love LOVE The Fresh Market. Problem is, we aren’t rich, and that stuff is expensive! We do go in there about once a month or so and get a few things. Today was one of those such days. We got a lot of good stuff, and some new healthier things I want to try. Among some of the things we got are nuts

some new oatmeal

and some pecan chicken which is in the oven right now!

yum. I will let you know how it tastes! I am really trying to eat healthier!

In running news, I did not go on a long run today. boo. Bobby woke up with a bad sinus infection, and it wa 35 degrees with crazy wind. My windchime is going mad out there! I looked at the forecast, and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny high of 52, so I am going to run tomorrow instead of today. So you will have to wait for my review of my awesome running top then.
Not only is Bobby sick, my poor Sassy (the black poodle) is sick. We don’t know what’s wrong…she wont eat or drink (I am force feeding her water with a syringe) and she just lays in the same spot. If she isn’t better by tomorrow I may be going to the vet instead of a long run. My poor sickly little family!