Ok ok, so no I am not a liar. Yes, I went to Birmingham yesterday…and yes I am already home! We got there about 9:00 last night and me and another girl went and ran in the hotel gym. The gym was attached to the indoor pool, and the treadmills looked out through a window at the pool, and if you know anything about these babies you know its HUMID at an indoor pool…so….gym=humid too! It was gross.
we did 2 miles, but I was so proud. I usually run between a 10-11 minute mile on the treadmill, but I ran these two at a 9:10 pace, I was so proud! It felt really good to run fast.

ok so back to the snow. We, here, in MS were supposed to get 4-5 inches tonight. well, we kept getting conflicting reports. so this morning after one of the sessions we met up with our headmaster and she talked to a guy at the national weather center and yes, we are getting 4-6 inches so they gave us the option to go home after lunch, or stay, but if you stay, you could get stuck till Saturday morning instead of Friday night! Well, no way I was getting stuck so me and 7 others decided to go home.
So now, I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me. I am super excitd. Except, I think I may be getting sick, boo!

I am going to go charge my camera so I can take pics if it snows, eekk!