This morning I woke up after a glorious 9 hours of sleep, and then remembered, it was snowing when i went to bed last night! I looked out the window to find a beautiful 5 inches of snow, and still snowing! in central MS! The snow was still falling, too!
these pics are from my iphone so they aren’t great. I have some on my “real” camera I will post later at some point.
my house

woo hoo!

oh. my. gosh. Bella has never seen this much snow…she had a BLAST. She started bouncing through the snow, it was so cute. I videoed it and will post later with my “real” camera pics.

Sassy was having none of this though. She stayed inside for the fun festivities.

She kept shoving her face into the snow and running, it was hilarious. She was covered in it!

Here I am in the snow!

OK, so call us overachiever, but all those years we never got to make a snowman…well, we made up for them…with SNOWZILLA!

In case you can’t tell, that joke is about 6’5″!!! He was fun but difficult to make! A huge ball of snow is pretty darn heavy.
It finally stopped snowing about 2:00, and then the sun came out.

So while it was lots of fun, I would be happy just having one good snow a year. I had my fill and am over it haha!

So I am still getting over this cold…no workout today. may run or cross train tomorrow. We will see how I feel. I want to tell you about two great champion giveaways!
Shut up & Run
Happy Runner