Ok so nothing too exciting to report today. I guess I got a “workut” yesterday pushing the two giant snowballs up the hill that we made because I am SO SORE! Madness! Tomorrow we are going to atempt 10 miles, depending on the weather. Should be exciting!

Here are some snow pictures I took with my “real” camera.
these are from when I first got up, the snow came down for about 6 hours after this!

Sassy was NOT amused

Bella on the other hand LOVED it.

Bella was SO funny. She bounced, BOUNCED through the snow, and would shove her head into it, it was hilarious!


So we decided to build a GIANT snowman, to make up for all the times we didn’t get to build one!

but just building one wasn’t enough for Bobby…so we rolled a second huge snowball up the hill. He literally had to get under it with his shoulder while I pushed from the top. It was SO heavy!

here is me and Bella with the finished Snowzilla!

True Love haha

House with the two giant snowmen

poor snowman this morning. Look at his arm sticking up out of the ground haha!

So that was our fun snowday! We had a blast, but we have had enough of it!
Hopefully it will warm up for our run tomorrow!

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Endurance isn’t only physical