So we did our long run today, 10 miles. From the title you can guess that this wasn’t a good thing. I knew it wouldn’t be “great” because I am a morning runner, and we didn’t get to run till 1:45 in the afternoon, the WORST part of the day for me, the slump. boo! It was about 52 degrees, not too bad, but windy. yuck.

Here I am getting ready to go!

The first 6 miles were good, I held the pace I want to hold for the race, and I was happy with that. Then we hit mile 7, and my hip started hurting and Bobby’s hamstring started hurting. We are a pathetic little couple. We pushed through mile 7 and part of 8 and really started hurting and basically walked most of mile 10. I know I know, slackers! But we hurt ssoo bad! At least we finished and we are feeling accomplished, but not really “ready” for the race. Oh well, we can only do so much. Hopefully it will all be ok once adrenaline kicks in.
here are a couple pics from our run on part of the trail.
This is in front of the neighborhood

Bobby looking all cute

Oh yes, wanted to mention. I am part of a fun message board called Running of the Ears, for people who love running and Disney. Well the girls on there love running skirts, so we had a mouse”skirt”teers shirt made, they are super cute!
the back says “it all started with a skirt” and the front says “The Mouseskirteers”

No work for me tomorrow, thank you Presidents Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!