Ok, This is my favorite comfort food, and I have taken it and made a healthier version of it and I made it last night. Yummy!

-1/2 rotisserie chicken
-1.5 cans low sodium crema of chicken soup
-1 8 oz container lowfat sour cream
-1 pakage wheat Rotini noodles
-ritz crackers (or any crackers)
-smart balance light butter

cook noodles according to package directions and heat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix shreads of chicken, cream of chic. soup, and sour cream in bowl.
pour noodles in bottom of 13x 9 pan, put some butter on top (however much you want)
spread chicken/sour cream/cream of chic. soup mixture over noodles, top with crumpled crackers. I only put crackers on the part I am going to eat b/c it gets soggy otherwise.
Bake for 20-25 minutes. enjoy!!!

today was my first post race workout. I was starting to feel blobish so I needed to do something. I did 20 min. elliptical and 25 min. stationary bike for a total of 45 minutes cardio. I did a pretty light workout, just wanted to ease back into things. May do a short run this weekend, we will see. I am still a tad sore!!