I just got off the elliptical and am about to do some yoga! But I thought I would take some time to talk about why I am SO EXCITED about spring break next week. I am going to Disneyworld with my mom! Leaving the boys at home, just taking a relaxing trip, just the two of us.
We leave Sunday morning early and are driving to Orlando. We are staying 5 nights at the Boardwalk Inn on the concierge floor. I have never stayed here so I am super excited!

We come back Friday then I will drive back to MS Saturday. I am excited about running outside in the mornings in Dinseyworld, I will for sure take pictures to share with the blog world. I may even check out their health club and take pics.
These past few months have been kind of stressful so it will be really nice to take a break from reality and just relax and have fun. I think that’s why I love Disney so much. You can have fun and be a kid and not think about things going on in your life.
Now, hopefully these next 4 days won’t go by too slowly! I do feel kind of bad leaving Bobby to tend to himself and the pups for a week. I am going to cook something Friday so he at least has some leftovers while I am gone.

Tomorrow I am going to run in the afternoon, it’s supposed to be warm, in the 70’s! I can’t wait.
Also, I was good today. I have a green monster, a banana muffin from scratch, greek yogurt, apples, almonds. I am doing well!

QOTD: what is your favorite vacation spot?