I was at the store today and they finally started carrying Oikos greek yogurt, which I was told I must try (I have been eating dannon and chobani.) Well, I found it, but it was $2.00 a container. yikes! So that led me to today’s topic. The cost of eating healthy. How do you do it?
There are a lot of things i would love to buy organic/more healthy but it’s way more expensive than the “regular” stuff. For people on a strict budget such as me and my husband, it has been kinda hard! Does anyone have any tips or tricks? Of course if I see something on sale I buy in bulk, and there are some things that just have to be occasional treats unfortunately. I LOVE fresh market, but everything in there is crazy expensive, so we go there about once every 6 weeks and splurge on a few things that are healthy that we really love.
Does anyone out there have any tips/tricks or hints?

SO my run didn’t happen. I had to go to the grocery store to get food for tonight and it is POURING down rain. SO I jumped on the elliptical for a quick 15 minute workout. I still feel like a blob but not as bad. At least now my gym clothes are already in the car and ready for tomorrow!