Yes, you read the title right, sun and SNAKES! First of all, the sun. It came out today and I got to run outside! I did 2 quick miles and it was 76 degrees, hot for running! It felt good to stretch out and go though.
yeah this didn’t come out so good

so pretty

You know you ran hard when your face looks like this after a run

ok so I know you are all waiting for me to move on to the snakes part. Well, I HATE snakes. With a very great passion. I do not understand why God created these disgusting creatures! I refuse to trail run by myself in the spring/summer, mainly because of snakes.
The other day when I was running, I happened to look down, and I stepped about FOUR INCHES away from a snake in the road UUGGGG it totally freaked me out and I thought I was going to throw up and pass out all at the same time. It wasn’t a huge snake, but he would have at least TRIED to eat me…UG. Now I am very paranoid and a constantly looking at the ground for snakes!! This make me think back to the post I wrote on the dangers of running, and I think this definitely falls into that category!
So, as the weather gets warmer, be careful and cautious of creatures coming out! YUCK!