Hello everyone! I am home! I will admit it was so weird not blogging for a week! I took a bunch of pics, some of which i posted on twitter but I will be reposting some here. Hope everyone had a good week! We had fun but I am so tired of driving! Trying to unpack and rest, school is back in session Monday! only two months to go till summer!
So I only ran once on the trip, but we also rode bikes for an hour and walked a ton! This morning I did elliptical at my parents before I left their house as well. I do feel like a blob though, I ate so much!!! Back to the grind tomorrow, my body feels so sluggish!
Tomorrow is suppsoed to be COLD, high of 46 which is weird since it’s 70 right now! ggrr…isn’t it the first day of SPRING people?!?
Ok so now that I am back we can get back to our regulary scheduled blogging. see you soon!

QOTD: What do you do to “get back on track” after a vacation?