I am going to post more pictures from my trip, but I have to upload them. These are the ones I took with my camera that have anything to do with woring out! I only ran sadly once, around the boardwalk. It was WAY colder than we antcipated. I wore my running skirt and my thighs were numb!
the second morning we were there I got up at 7 and ran.

looking back at the Boardwalk Inn

I did a little over two miles but I ran at a really good/fast pace so I felt good about it.

Then the next day we went on an hour long bike ride. It has been FOREVER since I rode a bike so it was fun! We rode from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness and back.

thought I would throw this picture in for good measure. Some of you that know Disney well may say “wait, this isn’t from the Boardwalk!” and you would be correct. hehe. Stay tuned to find out what happened!

we also walked and walked and walked a ton!

Oh, I was super excited to use my Oikos coupon to buy the new caramel flavor of greek yogurt.

QOTD: do you clip coupons? Do you have other grocery shopping strageties?