I am working or, attempting to work on my speed. I want to run a faster 5k. In hish school, i ran the 100 meter dash, and was pretty darn good at it. I was 6th in state in our Class. Now, running 3.1 miles is a lot more than a 100 meters, but, it’s still the shortest distance other than the mile. really, and 5k’s are the most abundant, so I am trying to foucs on them for now.
I am approaching this with a long(er) run, an interval/tempo run, and a maintenence run each week. I am also cross training at least once a week, and strength training 1-2 times. The reason why I am only “scheduling” 3 runs a week is because I have learned I CANNOT put pressure on myself to run more than 3 times a week. If I do, and then i DON’T end up running 4 or more times, then I will beat myself up like crazy. So, I make myself do 3, which is managable, then anything else I do is above and beyond, and then that makes me feel really good about myself. It is all so mental for me, I can’t stress out over the amount of times I run. For instance, it’s Wednesday and I have already run twice, so I have 3 days to get in a run and cross training. That feels “doable” for me. Even in a week where I feel like someone is sitting on my head:
(yes yes those are my two sweet puppies, the little one sitting on the older one’s head.)

Been one of those weeks!!!
I just had a really hard windy 4 mile run, but I did it!
Ok I may do a little strength then cook dinner!
QOTD: How many times a week do you run?