I know I have at least one post on running skirts, but something actually prompted me brining this up. Well, two things. The Hills, which i do not watch, and the running skirts new line.

I was reading my US weekly e-mail I get everyday. The other day there was a poll, and a pictures of Audrina Partridge, running in a purple plaid running skirt. The poll said something like “running skirts, silly or sporty?” SADLY, over 67% said SILLY!!!! i was APPALED! Obviously, none of these silly women have ever actually RUN in a running skirt, nor had the benefits of running in a running skirt. No shorts riding up, fabulous lightweight fabric, pockets, etc. So wonderful! Not to mention, they are super cute! I must say, i was slightly offended and annoyed at US weekly for even suggesting my awesome skirts were silly! (Like they care what i think.) Also, I don’t think Audrina even actually ran the whole marathon? Can someone confirm this?

Next prompting of my post is the running skirts spring/summer skirts, they are out and on the website! My FAVORITE are the floral and the pink or black mini dot. I also love the cheetah. I decided i can only get one, so the floral it is, although i would LOVE more than that! You can go HERE to see the new skirts. How cute are they?! I would love a matching headband but I am really trying to be good with my money. I also am getting the pink tank top that says I love running. It’s not a running skirt, it’s cotton, but it’s still super cute.

QOTD: What is your favorite running skirt from the runningskirts.com website?