I loveto eat out. I briefly touched on this in my weekend woes post earlier this week. Eating out is a big destresser for me, it’s fun, and we both love to eat. The problem comes in because when I eat out, I want to eat GGGOOODDD food, if I am paying for it i don’t want to just eat something gross just to eat it. I can do that at home. But, it seems like everywhere we go there aren’t many healthy options. For instance, last weekend we ate Mexican….and I looked allover that menu for healthy options…and not so much.
Then this afternoon I was going to get dinner to go since I will be eating alone because Bobby is at work. I mentally drove my town in my head and there was nothing I could come up with except Subway and I had that on Sunday. It seemed everywhere I thought of was greasy fatening food (which don’t get me wrong I love) but when I am in the mood to eat out but healthy, I am at a loss (for GOOD tasting healthy!)

On a happy note, I have a 4 day weekend and I did eliptical and the bike at the gym, and plan to run in the morning! Have a great night all!

QOTD: Where do you eat out that is healthy and good?