GAH I have the worst luck. So someone PLEASE tell me what is wrong with me!!
I was running this morning and at mile 1.3 my leg did something really weird…You know when you lay on your hsoulder funny and it kinda feels like it’s popping out of socket? No? ok maybe its just all my years of volleyball that did that to me, but anyway, the top/bak of my leg/connected to my pelvis did that! It was a weird sharp fast pain and so I had to totally stop for a minute and stretch…then i walked…then I tried to run…nope…had to walk…Then I ended up slow jogging/limping home for a total of only 2 miles. ug. So what is this?!? hheeelllpppp!!!!

Sorry to sound so dramatic today but I finally got past my hip pain (I think) and then this. Maybe it was just a fluke?

To cheer me up here is a super cute picture.
This is from last fall when we brought some friends to the french quarter. Yummy Cafe du Monde!

Happy Good Friday All!

QOTD: what has been your worst running injury?