Ok, so I know the past couple posts have been a little boring and i didn’t talk at all about what i was doing this weekend. Well, there was a reason! We were heading to New Orleans Friday morning, and Saturday night my sister’s husband was throwing her a surprise birthday dinner at a really nice restaurant. So, we went to great lengths for her to not know we were coming into town! It was kind of hard, and stressful! I called her Friday, her actual birthday, and told her how sorry I was that we were not going to be able to come in town, blah blah blah. She was clueless! We got to NOLA Friday afternoon and wnet to the casino buffet with my parents. It was so hard to rememebr not to blog, twitter, or FB post about where I was or what I was doing!
Saturday we hung out at my parents house, I did the eliptical and some arm weights, and we had to tell a few white lies to my sister to get her to not stop by my parents house! Then Saturday night we all went out to the nice dinner and she shwoed up with her husband thinking it was just them, but it was my parents, us, and her husband’s family. We had a good time then went to my sister’s house for cake and ice cream. Sorry I don’t have any pictures!
Sunday morning we went to church and ate a huge wonderful Easter lunch at my parent’s house. We were so full after! It was beautiful out, so we ate dessert outside, and then Bobby and I drove home about 3:00 yesterday. Happily, I am off work today! It was been so nice. I got up and ran. Unfortunately, I waited till it was in the 70’s temp. wise, and I had eaten too much…so i was nauseated…I only did 2 miles but I ran a 9:30 pace, so i was really happy about that!
oh, also,we dyed Easter eggs at our house last weekend, and I thought I would share some pictures.

I call Bella “Bella Stink” or “stinky” because she is bad, or a stinker, so the name stuck!

Easter morning before church. We don’t look awake!

QOTD: Have you ever had a surprise party?