Well folks, it is definately wedding season!! We have gotten several invites in the past month of two, love is in the air!! All this wedding talk got me thinking about my wedding from over three years ago. I LOVED my wedding. I am pretty obsessed with it. It was fabulous, except for the fact that I scratched my cornea the morning of so I was miserbale and in pain all day until my reception when I got some medicine…but other than that it was awesome! I look at my pictrues and videos sometimes, but it had been awhile since I had seen my bridal prep recap and wedding recap, UG that wedding recap makes me cry eery time! See for yourself! Chad Dyle did an awesome job! go to this link and go to about the 4th or so wedding down to where it says "Heather and Bobby" and you will see my bridal prep and recap videos. Love them!! WEDDING RECAPS Thoughts?

So what does this have to do with fitness, health, or anything other than just plain fun? Well, I know a lot of brides stress out about how they look for their wedding day. Looking back, I am very quick to critique myself. My hair wasn’t right, my dress was too big, why did I wear my veil like that? etc. etc. Well none of this is a good thing. I think sometimes we get so obsessed with what others think about how we look, we forget that they probably really don’t even care! Not saying you shouldn’t care at all how you look, but don’t stress or obsess about it. My wedding was a blast, it was fun, it was beautiful. Some things weren’t “perfect” but that’s ok. Life isn’t perfect! If we don’t stop ourselves as women from freaking out so much about things like this, then we will never ever be happy! So, if you are married, go back and look at your wedding pictures and videos, and smile! If you are getting married, take a deep breathe, and enjoy every second because it flies by. You are beautiful! Also, if you have no prospects exept for the creepy older guy your mom keeps pushing on you, it’s ok! You are beautiful and enjoy your singleness!

Have a good evening everyone!

I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the eliptical 🙂