I was obsessed with cake balls last spring, and haven’t made them in quite awhile. I had to bring a treat to school for a coworkers birthday so I thought “why not?’ Yes yes I know they aren’t healty, BUT in a way they kind of are because they are small, so you can just hav one to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of a whole piece of cake! Also, they are super easy and there are so many different kinds to make!

you will need:
boxed caked mix and other ingredients needed for the mix (usually eggs and oil)
can frosting
almond bark or some other kind of melting chocolate
I like to add almond extract to mine.

-bake cake according to directions on box (I add almond extract to batter here)
-let it cool, then crumble into a bowl
-add entire jar frosting, mix until, well, mixed!
-make into little balls (I use a cookie scoop)
-put in freezer for a few hours
-melt amond bark in a bowl
-dip frozen cake balls into chocolate
-add sprinkles if desired quickly before they dry!

I have done white cake, choc. cake, red velvet cake, white almond bark, choc. bark, whipped frosting, cream cheese, and buttercream. the whipped isnt as sweet as the others.

here are the ones I just made (ignore the chocolates in the middle)

Everyone raved about them and asked me for the recipe. yummo!

Bobby and I just went on a walk. Poor sweet Bella wants to go back outside so she sat by the door and whined.

Taking today off, running tomorrow morning. Bobby is in a commercial tomorrow afternoon so I won’t see a lot of him. I will blog more about that tomorrow 🙂

Have a great Friday night all!