Our state started this program in 2006. Mississippi is sadly the most obese state in the US. As a resident here, it really makes me sad and very very angry!!! We have some beautiful waling trails, bike paths, parks, great heath clubs, etc. Whya re people not using these things?!? Anyway, you can visit the website for the program HERE
It’s really actually kinda neat. Schools and classrooms can participate, as well as individuals. The website lists all the places you can walk in the area,and there is also a calendar of all the local races so you can run or walk in a 5k or other races.
So why am I talking about all of this? Well, Bobby just left a few minutes ago to be in a new commerical for this campaign. He gets paid, too, woo hoo! I don’t know what it will be like or if you will even be able to see him, but I will try to find a video of it when they air it and show everyone. It was really funny, he had to wear a suit, and running shoes HAHA. He looked really dorky, but money is money! So, here is my attempt to spread the word, so, go walkin’ today!!!

It is BEAUTIFUL here. 75 degrees, no clouds. I wanted to do 5 miles this morning, and right when I was about to go at 8:45, Bobby wakes up and decides he wants to go…so we didn’t leave till 10:15…well, by this time it was REALLY hot out so we only did 3.5 miles. I was not having a good run. I was etting really frustrated because I was going so slow! Oh well, at least it’s over. Then Bobby worked in the yard and I read runner’s world in the sun out back haha!

Later going to Home Depot to get pots for our tomato plants and okra Bobby is trying to grow. I am going to get some flowers, too!

Have a great Saturday afternoon!