Today has been a really good day! Well, this weekend has been a really good weekend! The weather has been sunny and upper 70’s, just beautiful.
Yesterday I ran and read in the backyard, and I told you all Bobby was going to shoot a commerical. Well I was wrong, he was wrong. It was actually a print ad. But, what was cool, we assumed it would be a bunch of people, it was just him and this one other girl. I will try and figure out where this is going and get a copy. Blue cross Blue shield of MS is part sponser of let’s go walkin’ Mississippi, so maybe something for them? Who knows!

So after that I met Bobby at Home Depot and we got some flowers and plants. Bobby wanted to plant some veggies in pots and I wanted some flowers. Then we went to eat at this cute littl Greek place. It was so beautiful, we ate outside. I love eating outside so I was happy. The food is bad for you but the portions are smal so I didn’t feel too bad. I had a ham and cheese pita and we split some fries, and I got water.

Then we went grocery shopping and that was our exciting Saturday!
This morning I got up and ran a good tempo run. I ran 3 miles like my last tempo, but I ran my first mile 45 seconds faster than last time and still managed to hang onto my 9 minute mile. I was running 8:30 a good amount of the mile, but that mile has two big hills. Maybe I should pick a different route for my tempo runs ha. then I ran my 3rd mile in 11:00 just like last time, so I felt good about that.
When came home Bobby was up and we started to work in the yard. The pollen has been so bad and our patio gets black and yellow accumulating dirt and grime from the winter. Every spring we use the hose nozzle thing you attach an kind of “pressure wash” the patio and it looks much better!
Bobby started planting

I was supervising

So was Bella

We left to get some pine straw, more veggies…and took a detour so i could get my first snowball of the season! Wedding cake with extra juice, YUM!

We got back to work in the yard. Front yard before pine straw

and after. Much better!

SO basically I will probably be very sore tomorrow between my run, and all the bending over in the yard, good! I love sitting on the back patio so i am happy it’s all clean now. I will have to take pictures of everything and post this week!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday afternoon!