I tend to be very hard on myself, when I do or say something stupid, and particularly when I forget something. Today was one of those days. I had this big plan to go to the gym after work and before meeting an old friend for an early dinner. I packed my gym bag last night, and even remembered to pack a towel and magazines to read on the elliptical. Well…. I FORGOT MY BAG AT HOME! Didn’t even cross my mind till i was in my faculty meeting this afternoon! I was really mad because yesterday was a rest day, and like I said I was meeting a friend so I knew would get home at almost dark. UG!
Well, it all turned out ok, because I surprised myself! I love when I do that! I had a great time with my friend and then came home, full and tired from a long day. I walked in, changed clothes, and walked back out the door for a run. woo hoo! I NEVER do motivating stuff like that! Then, I had a bad run, I mean, tight calves, nauseated from my food, and very tired, just bleh. I looked at my garmin at the end of my 3 miles, and while it wasn’t a GREAT run, it wasn’t bad! It was faster than I ran my first ever 5k last spring! It was cool that what I thought was a “bad run” was last year’s PR!
Ok, on to more important things. GLEE IS BACK! I am obsessed with Glee. I have counted down the days. I have their cd and play it in my car and sing at the top of my lungs. I have DREAMED of auditioning for the new season…if only i could sing! Oh how I have waited months for this! By the way…the glee volume one soundtrack is a great cd to run with! My mom even runs to it!

Ok I am off to watch the rest of a crappy American Idol then watch GLEE!! Don’t stop believin!!!!!!

QOTD: what is your favorite tv show?