This is a yummy iced tea from a family friend. I alter mine a bit and will note where I do.


2 cups of boiling water, put 4 family sized tea bags in (I use lipton)
-Seep tea bags in boiled water (off of the heat) for 20 minutes
-pour over 1 cup of splenda
-add 6 tbls real lemon juice (I use 5)
-add 1 and 1/2 tsp of almond extract (I used closer to two)
-add 1 tsp vanilla extract
-6 cups of cold water

that’s it! It’s easy and so good and summery! I just made some.

So I am such a goob. I remembered my gym bag today, but FORGOT TO GO TO THE GYM! I was on the phone with my mom and didn’t realize till I was almost home! Oh well. I was going to run with Bobby when he got home, but I decided I wanted to cook instead, so I did arm weights and 15 minutes elliptical. Good thing, because as soon as Bobby got home, we ate on the patio and it started POURING rain, we would have been right in the middle of it, so good call on my part! I will run tomorrow! Also, kinda fun stuff going on tomorrow, I will post on that tomorrow or Friday.

Have a good night all!
QOTD: Do you like tea? hot? cold? I love sweet iced tea, it’s a southern thing!