YAY! Bobby and I officially signed up for the March of Dimes 5k for the 24th! I am excited, I haven’t run a 5k since the end of October! 6 months! I am hoping to PR…but that may be a long shot considering it’s already so hot and the race doesn’t start till NINE!!!! I have NEVER raced that late in the morning. ug. Maybe it will be cloudy? Anyway, I am just excited to race again. I am trying to get a couple in before June. I refuse to race competitively from June-August. My new rule after running the Run for the Son 5k last August and almost dying of a heat stroke before the race evn started!
Anyway, back to the race, I love running for a good cause. you can visit the March of Dimes website HERE. There is a 5k, 10k, and a 5k walk and maybe even a one mile fun run. It’s being held at our super fancy smancy outdoor mall. I will be sure to take some good pictures for a race recap!

So I ran a 3.25 mile maintenece run this afternoon. UG the SUN is my nemisis right now. For most of the run I was going straight into it and I had to shut my eyes to run, which i don’t reccommend because I nearly missed cars, pot holes, and ditches a few times. Added an intresting element though!

I sat outside with the pups for a while this afternoon. They love sitting otuside and just listening and smelling. Bella Stink loves sun tanning!

Have a good night, tomorrow is Friday, and a field trip for me and the 5th grade!
QOTD: Growing up, what was your favorite field trip?