This morning Bobby and I ran 5 miles. We ran across teh road to the big nice neighborhood with the trails again. The trees have all grown in so it was nice and shaded which was great because it was sunny and hot! It’s also super hilly so even though we didn’t run fast, we got a good workout! I kept on the lookout for snakes! I hate snakes…if you didn’t know you can read about it HERE.
Shaded trail

I had to wear a cotton shirt because I am behind on was SOAKED after!

After we ran we sat out on the back patio and ate lunch and read and hung out for a couple hours. It was so nice and relaxing. I got a little sun, too. The puppies love sitting outside. Can you find Sassy?

The we went to an early dinner at Cracker Barrel and now we are watching a movie. It has been a nice day! Hope everyne else has had a nice relaxing day too!

QOTD: What did you do today?