it officially feels like spring. We grilled for the first time of the season! We went to Fresh Market after church and picked up some meat and other things. I FINALLY got to pick up some Zevia. I read about this on Lily’s blog. I was totally excited to finally try some! I got three of the flavors.

I wanted the kind that was like Dr. Pepper but they didn’t have it. Oh well! Here is the nutrition facts.

I tried the cola one for lunch and it was pretty good! Doesn’t have that chemical aftertaste that diet coke has. It also isn’t supposed to mak your blood sugar go crazy, and it didn’t make me feel sluggish after so that’s good! It is kinda pricey so it will have to be a special occasional treat.
So while I sat outside in the sun with the dogs and drank my Zevia, Bobby was hard at work at the grill.

After we ate we did one of our favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon, we drove around looking at open houses. We found a couple of nice ones. We like to critique them on what we would have done differently, etc. We stayed in our neighborhood this time though. A couple streets over is a beautiful yard with the most gorgeous roses.
They have a ton of them!

Today was a rest day, it’s race week!!! I plan to run Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Cross Train Wednesday, rest Friday, race Saturday.