So it’s NFL draft time! I am super excited! I know, I know, football season isn’t for another 4 months or so, but the draft is kind of like a glimmer of hope that yes, a new season is going to come!!! I can’t wait for my reigning world champs to play again! Found out opening game is a Thursday night game against the Vikings….speaking of Vikings…I have an announcement about something next Thursday….any ideas?!? Is the suspense killing you?!? I am hoping I have an announcement is more like it…but I won’t know till Thursday evening so you will have to wait till then!! This post has double meaning…but more on that in a week!

So is anyone going to watch the draft? Any hopefuls you want to get to a certain team or any team? I can’t wait to see where my boy Tim Tebow goes. What a great guy. I just want to give him a hug and tell him he’s cool in my book. I am also hoping Darren Sharper and Pierre Thomas stay Saints! I would be so sad…

I took the day off from running, i figured by this point rest will serve me better than 3 hard runs in a row, so rest today, run tomorrow, rest Friday RACE SATURDAY! Still trying to get rid of my sinus issues though, it really makes my breathing difficult!


ok sorry I had to…it’s been awhile…and it just comes out!!

QOTD: any thoughts on the draft? particular players or teams?