I went to work today and felt awful so i came home sick, so this won’t be a very exciting post, as I do not feel good at all! I thought I would officially review the outfit I raced in yesterday. (I added the recap link on my races page)

I wore the new floral skirt in size 3 and the I love running pink tank in large, yes LARGE!
I normally wear a 2 in the skirts but heard they run small so i got a 3 and boy I am glad I did. the briefs in the 3’s are the same size if not smaller than the briefs in some of my 2’s! It fits me nicely in the hips/comes up higher which I like, but man those small briefs! It was still super cute and I enjoyed wearing it.
So as much as I love running skirts, I am a little disapointed in how much the sizing differs skirt to skirt from the same company. I wish they would use one manufacturer and they would all fit the same!
The tank I heard ran small too, so I got the large and am for sure glad I did. it was a little long which is perfect for me and my long torso. They are very skinny, I normally wear a small t-shirt and in tigher shirts a medium. I still have to upload the pics from my “regular” camera but that won’t be happening today, I am in bed đŸ˜¦

Hope everyone had a good Monday. I am really hoping I start feeling better so I can go to work tomorrow!

QOTD: If you wear running skirts, what do you think about the sizing?