So I am still sick. I FEEL better (not near as al over crummy feeling, just slightly) but my nose is a predicament. It is totally stopped up but at the same time running constantly. How is this possible? I can taste NO food, and my nose is so raw! I opened this tissue box at 7:30 and this is what it looked like at 2:30

RIDICULOUS! and, it’s still going! Nose spray offers some relief, but just temporarily. I haven’t run since Sunday, and I am becoming one of those people who gets really cranky when they don’t run for a few days. I have always read as long as your sickness isn’t in your chest and is just in your head you can run. So I set out. I had a plan of running very very easily out to a steep hill on my route, running up and down a few times, and having an easy run back. This plan worked out well but was hard! Very hard when you aren’t feeling well and can’t breathe. Something else I learned, when the area between your nose and top lip is VERY raw from blowing your nose, it tends to burn VERY BADLY when you sweat above your upper lip! OUCH!
It was a slow warm up .75 miles out to my hill.

I know it’s hard to tell from here, but this is a steep hill!
looking up

I ran up this bad boy 8 times! I kept it between a 6:00-6:30 minute per mile pace, I was booking it! I walked or slow jogged back down each time, then jogged back home, for a total of 2.6 miles. The last couple times up were so hard. I am sure I will be sore! I also came home and did some arm weights. I physically didn’t need to run as much as I did mentally. I feel much better!

My sweet puppies got haircuts yesterday!

they look so tiny! They are a lot happier in the heat without all that long hair!

Ok, so tomorrow is Friday, yay! I am off to get some things done before Grey’s comes on!

QOTD: do you do hill workouts for speed?