So it’s the end of a crappy week of me being sick. It’s gloomy and rainy outside, and I just wanted to get home. Bobby got home right before me, and I walked in and there was a trail of rose petals on the ground. We have rose bushes outside, which i love, because we can always have fresh flowers! I thought it was sweet he had put them out for me. I thought it was odd they were leading to the bedroom, but he never said “follow them” or “come see” and I didn’t want to make him feel bad by saying “do they lead to someting?” if they didn’t…so I just said thank you.

I wanted to change clothes before we went to eat, so I followed the rose petals into the bedroom, I opened the door, and this was in front of me!

A NEW KING SIZED BED! Those that know me know this is big. Since we got married 3 years and 4 months ago, I have wanted a king sized bed. We are tall people, and plus one of the dogs sleeps on the bed and she is very moody if you accidentally disturb her in the night, and I am SO TIRED of being stuck with a half a foot of room at the corner of the bed. Plus, we had no headboard…just a box spring and queen mattress. So i was SO EXCITED! He got me, he actually got me. Bobby has NEVER been able to surprise me, he always gives it away and I can read him so well, but he REALLY truly got me! I had no idea! I know I look weird but this is a true surprised face!

more rose petals

tomorrow we are going to pick out a comforter set, the one on it now is for a queen. He gets major points for this! It was such a bright spot in a very gloomy week! Some of you know but we are dealing with some family/health issues right now so it’s been stressful.
What a sweetie!! I love him!

QOTD: has your significant other ever done anything surprisingly sweet for you?