Catchy title eh? It is true! There is some kind of gravitational pull that hinders your ability to get out of the dang thing! Yesterday AND today I took two hour naps after sleeping for TEN HOURS! Yes yes, it could have something to do with the fact I was sick all week and needed my rest…but I am convinced…it is the bed. It has been raining all day. I truly was going to try to get in an easy run since I am still not feeling 100%, but, severe storms are telling me no. We went to church, went to lunch at the Begal Bagel cafe, went to Kroger, and filled up my car with gas. I had great intentions of doing other things, but we both got in bed and slept till after 4!!! then we layed there talking till 5:30! What bums. I swear I am getting back on track this week. I was upset with my low mileage in April, but a 7 day illness and some unexpected family problems will do that to you.

Back to Begal Bagel. I got a half of a pizza bagel and a fruit parfait. These are so yum. Very VERY filling. Glad I only got the small pizza bagel with it!
I know you are all jealous.
So anyway, basically, this sums up me: Still trying to get rid of the snot/mucus in my head, sad it’s been a yucky rainy weekend so no sun or being outside, sad said weekend is almost over BUT….happy only 3.5 more weeks of school!!

Have a good rest of your weeknd!
QOTD: Does the rain make you sleepy?

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