SO I am a nerd, and am totally aware of this. Yesterday was going to be a rest day because I never run well 2 days in a row, and those 5.25 miles from Monday were brutal. Well, I was laying in bed watching last week’s episode of the Biggest Loser. If you watch, you know what I am talking about. The one where they go to Texas and run the 5k. They had people running, walking, really overweight people just trying to finish, etc. It was so inspiring! I of course was crying. I started thinking. “You know what, I am TIRED today. But, if this lady, who has never walked 3.1 miles in her life and has to ride an electronic cart through Wal Mart can walk 3.1 miles, then I can go run a 5k.” So I did.
I threw on my clothes before I could change my mind and I ran! It was about 85 degrees, but the sun was going down. It’s so funny, (well, really, sad) because I ran 3.1 miles a minute and a half faster, FASTER, than I ran that awful 5k race last Sunday. You can check out the recap HERE if you missed it. I was pretty proud, I mean, i was pushing, but not race pace pushing. My left hammie got really tight after mile 2 so I walked for a sec and slowed up my run for mile 3 a little. I felt very accomplished! So yes, I am a nerd. a TV show made me go run. Can anyone relate?

Oh and here is a nice sweaty picture of me after my run

QOTD: has anyone ever inspired you to do anything?