So I am hosting a shutterfly photo party next week. This is my first hosting of a “house party” from the website and I can’t wait! In case you aren’t familiar, The House Party website has tons and tons of “parties” you can sign up to host, andif you are chosen you get this great party pack and you host your party, take pictures, promote the product, etc. I am so stoked! Shutterfly gave a great party pack with tote bags, pens, free photo books and photo cards, balloons, samples to show guests, etc.
My box came yesterday evening!

I will take pictures of everything all set up and post after we have the party. In the meantime, go set up an account at house party’s website and try to host your own party!

In fitness news, I am supposed to run today…yeah it’s 92 degrees…so hopefully I will still feel like running later, even though it really won’t be much cooler!

I got more flowers today. I am so loving this!

Tomorrow is Friday, we can make it!