Have you been to their WEBSITE? It’s great! They have all these great categories and ways to search for recipes. What I love about it is that it isn’t just a website of bland tasting “diet food” but that it has a lot of “comfort foods” just altered a bit to make them more healthy. That’s my kind of meal!
They also have a magazine, which sadly I do not get. I think my husband would kill me if I paid for another subscription! (and there is no way I am giving up runner’s world or Us weekly!) They also have a message board, great articles on food and fitness, and very yummy looking pictures of their food, along with reviews. Whenever I am not ure what to cook I can go there and look for a recipe by what I already have in my house, and it comes in handy! So, if you haven’t yet, go check it out!

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Tomorrow I shall run again. Hoping hubby will come too. Not sure how far we will go, but I am shooting for 5-6, depending on the hhhheeeeaattt!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday night!

QOTD: Do you have a fav Cooking Light recipe?