When I woke up this morning it was cool, breezy, and overcast. Perfect for Running! But….by time I got the husband up and fed and got us ready to go there was not a CLOUD in the SKY! Oh well. So we decided to run out the front of the neighborhood instead of the back and to a different neighborhood. This was going to be our long run for the week.
Here we are in the driveway before we started. I have never been good at self pictures.

I wasn’t sure if we would do 5 or 6 miles, we were doing an out and back so I figured I could decide once we got out there.
Our neighborhood is up higher than Lake Caroline (the neighborhood we ran to) and I know this picture is from far away but the lake is wwaaayyy out there. This was taken from our neighborhood.

we crossed the road and had already gone a mile before we got to the other neighborhood. They have a long entrance with a golf course on one side.

The breeze was so nice and really helped with the heat.
When we got into the actual neighborhood and the lake, there is a mile long dam above the lake with the water on one side and a steep drop off on the other. When we got up on the dam it was SO WINDY! I felt like I was barely moving and I had to hold my hat on a few times. You can see the white caps in the water.

Here is the beginning of the dam. There were several cyclists.

We got to the end of the dam and it was exactly 3 miles. Ok, so I guess we were doing 6!

This is the non-water side of the dam

The long mile back down the dam

We had to run slow because of the wind, but I would so rather that than the awful heat. My hamstring is still really really tight so we stopped every mile or so, so that I could stretch it really well. We made it back eventually, so we did 6 miles woo hoo.

Then we cleaned the house for 3 hours, the yucky stuff like cleaning out the refrigerator and washing the shelves and scrubbing the shower with bleach, etc. Then we went to dinner and Wal Mart. I loathe that place. It puts me in such a bad mood every time I go.
SO we came home and I watched WALL-E for the first time. Cute movie, but a little too pushy on the take care of the earth thing. It’s like…ok, we get the point!!

Now I am watching Raymond reruns, my fav! (well, next to Friends!) Hope everyone has a great Saturday night! Don’t forget to call your mom tomorrow and tell her she is special!