ooowwww! My best friend told me abut a website called Fit TV. I decided since I hardly slept last night and was pretty tired, I would wait to run tomorrow. So, I decided I needed to do SOMETHING, so I gave a 40 minute cardio video a whirl. I have a small confession to make…I chose this video because it was led by a fit looking guy and his “background fitness people” were a little overweight. I KNOW I am awful right? I thought it would be an easy workout since the background girls weren’t blonde tanned 100 pound teeny boppers. I WAS SO WRONG! This workout was all about some squats and lunges. My leg are jello! Jello I tell you! So if you like lunges and squats…this workout is for you. Also, if you don’t like lunges and squats…this workout is for you, because if you don’t like them, then you probably aren’t doing them haha! I was very rudely awakened. I assumed since I run all the time I am “in shape.” NOT! This video also did arms and a little bit of abs. I did workout arms yesterday so they are already really sore, but still! Here is the direct link to the video: 40 Minute Cardio Video
So if you are looking for a new cardio video, do this one! But don’t say id idn’t warn you! (Ok so i just realized I will be totally embarassed if someone does this video and doesn’t think it is hard at all!)

Tomorrow will be a run (hopefully) and Wednesday either a rest day or cross training. We made it through Monday! Hope everyone has a good night! One day closer to the weekend and 12 days of school left!

QOTD: What is your fav. dvd/tv workout?