I have a very full plate right now. We have two weeks left of school and I am feeling the pressure! Last night my shutterfly party was fun, but everyone left late so i went straight to bed and feel like I got nothing done. Today I have to run and I have dinner with a friend, tomorrow I have to clean because my parents are coming for the weekend Friday. Saturday is our 5k race, and next week is the last full week of school and I have a ton of “to do’s” to do at school. The next weekend I am hosting a baby shower, and bringing breakfast for our sunday school class, and starting a leadership training class on Sunday nights. WHEW! The good news is, I leave on vacation a month from TODAY! Can’t wait.

Hope everyone has a good day, I will be back later with a run update (hopefully) and more about my shutterfly party! Happy hump day all!

QOTD: What do you do when your plate is full?