I finally uploaded some photos from the 5k we ran and better pics of my new bed, my shutterfly party set up etc. SO I thought I would post some non iphone pictures for a change!

first, here is my set up for my shutterfly photobook party from last night

My oh so comfy tempurpedic bed!

rose pedals leading to the new bed

5k race that was awful and hot at 2 pm!

race shirt

Bobby after the race. I wasmiserable. I don’t know why he was smilng!

and here is a pic I snapped of the first page of “the list” I have to do for the end of the year at school. This is page one of two.

I went to an early dinner with a good friend from college, then Bobby and I ran an easy 3 miles. I am still so sore, so every step was painful so we went pretty slow, but I feel better.
Ok I am off to finish watching Glee I tivoed. Hilarious.

QOTD: What did you think of Glee this week? Or do you have another show you watch that you love?