Anyone remember that song?
I really don’t want to be a supermodel. I did the modeling thing in high school/college for a tiny bit but honestly it’s a lot of pressure. There once was a time when I was young and naieve and I REALLY wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Back when I was in high school and had a warped sense of what pretty and sexy was, I thought these models were the stuff. I wanted to BE Giselle! I am 5’9″, so I am *technically* tall enough to walk the runways.
Fortunately, now I realize that these girls, while pretty, are not typical of the American woman. As much as they say they eat whatever they want and don’t workout, I really find it hard to believe. That is even crazier, is that these woman are considered CURVY! How crazy is that? If a modeling agency called me up and liked me for ME and wanted me to model for them, sure, I’m all for it. But, I am not a size zero and will never be, so does that make me not sexy, VS lingerie worthy?
I say all this because I found this articleΒ on fox news. Victoria’s Secret is “claiming” their size zero models are curvy! Personally I am outraged. Now, I also realize as a company, if they choose to march these skeletons down the runway, there is nothing I can do and that’s their choice, BUT, to claim these women are something they are not is what bothers me. AND, we wonder why the youth of America are sticking their fingers down their throats and surviving on a carrot and 2 pieces of celery a day. Am I alone here?
I think we should praise women for being healthy, being fit, and being the best they can be. I workout a lot, and I will never ever be a size zero and I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is the messages that are being sent to teen girls everywhere. I applaud companies that have been showing more healthy looking girls on their runways. Kudos to you for celebrating real woman!

THIS is curvy?!? She is probably miserable and wants some cake. yummy yummy!

and if she fell off that skateboard it would REALLY hurt because she has no padding.

This is me, curvy, and happy, and eating cake! (in moderation of course)

QOTD: What do you think about the super skinny models?