As promised here are my pictures from my “real” camera.
This is before we left the house, in my ROTE mouse”skirt”ears shirt!
It was cloudy so I didn’t wear my hat for once.

a picture of the starting/finish line. You can almost SEE the humidity!

race shirt. I liked how it wasn’t white. White is so boring.

putting our bibs on, hanging out at the car before the start

Bobby after the race. eewww haha!

I wanted to add something very interesting…I PLACED THIRD IN THE 20-29 AGE GROUP! haha! I had no idea! I would have stayed for the awards if I had known! I am supposed to get a plaque or something, we will see what happens. Too funny! It will probably never happen again! Just thought I would share :o)

Hope everyone had a good day. I did 30 minutes of a cardio video and am trying to decide if I want to go run…my ankle says no. hhmmm

QOTD: Have you ever placed in a race?