So I am a little bit proud of my ability to keep flowers alive. I planted Gerber daisies 3 springs ago at our house, and ever winter they have died, and every year they have come back! They even survived The great Mississippi snow of 2010
and lookie!

I am most proud. Also, look at my cute front door decorations

Ok on to more fun things. I decided to do a speed/hill workout today. I ran a mile out to “the hill.” If you missed pictures of “the hill” you can check them out HERE.
I ran a mile out to “the hill” and ran up it 5 times at a 6:30 pace. Then I ran back home and did 3 one tenth intervals at a 7:30 pace before finished up. it was only 2.5 miles total but most of it was going really fast or really hilly, so I was proud. I may do some arms, or I may save them for tomorrow, I don’t know yet.
Here is me after my fun fun run
Yes, we have a dresser with a mirror in our garage, and no, it will not fit into our small house. Also, yes, I am waving at myself in a picture. Nerd.

Ok I am off to watch GLEE! Night night!

QOTD: Do you have a green thumb?