This is how I feel I feel! Like I am dangling off the edge of a building, holding onto dear life for the edge. What a crazy week, what a crazy day. We have one week of school left, and I have about a million things to do.
One teacher said it best by saying “when I teach it feels like the information is bouncing off of them and coming back to me.” It’s so true! They are retaining NOTHING anymore. It’s sadly useless. I am trying my best but they have lost it. I love them to death but it’s time for summer!
If I can make it to next Friday I will be so happy! Then I will officially be done! Then, I can start thinking about my cruise! I have a million things to do for that, too, but cannot even begin to think about it.
I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the eliptical and came home and did some arm weights. Tonight is Bobby’s early night so he should be home in about 45 minutes woo hoo!

I am going to go veg out so I can try to maintain some sanity. Hoping I have time tomorrow afternoon to get in a good run. Sorry to rant but it has just been one of those days! Soon I will be a much more cheerful person!
Have a good night everyone! Tomorrow is the season finale of Grey’s!

QOTD: are you going on vacation this summer? where?