Even God took a day of rest while creating everything, right? I am ssoo tired! Today was crazy at school, then I had to run errands till 5:15, then I was starving, then I ate, now I am sleepy. It is raining too, so I think all signs point to a rest day. What do you think? I feel like when I have more than one major thing working against me, it is time to rest. I was going to have tomorrow be my rest day so I am just swapping. Now, I just have to make sure I actually workout tomorrow!
Ever had a day where the thought of walking across the room, let alone working out, just makes you want to cry? I can barely hold my eyes open over here! I hate this. I had plenty of energy this morning. I can’t wait till I can run in the mornings!

Sorry the last couple of days haven’t been that exciting. I will take some pictures this weekend, promise!

Tonight is the season finale of Grey’s. I am so excited!
Well, hello Dr. McDreamy. Are there really Dr.’s that look like that?

QOTD: WHo do you think gets shot tonight on Grey’s?