Wow, what a doozie of a day! The kids were at school a half day and we had end of the year parties which = madness. They left then I started working on cumulative files till 4:00! My brain hurts. Is that possible? I also didn’t sleep last night because I had so much running through my head. has that ever happened to you?
I go back tomorrow and work till lunch and they have a special luncheon for us, then we are done till August! I was surprised I knew how to get home this afternoon, that’s how tired I am. With that being said, I haven’t run since Sunday. So, I made a decision to run. I knew it would make me feel better about myself, but I also knew doing too much could kill me. literally. So I settled on an easy 2.1 miles in the blazing hot sun and called it a day.
I plan to dogsit and rest up this weekend before I get busy next weekend with my part time babysitting job and my DISNEY TRAVEL AGENT JOB! (Check out the tab at the top of the page.)
Hope everyone is having a good week. After this week I will have more time to blog and chat! It’s SUMMERTIME!