YAY! It’s official, I am DONE! It took a LOT longer than anticipated. Last year I was done by our luncheon, but this year I had meetings all morning so i wasn’t done till 3:15. ug. I will admit, it was kinda sad leaving. I will still be back next year and in the same room but I won’t be teaching 5th grade. I am WAY sentimental so it was bittersweet.
I am so tired though! I am really hoping this weekend to get back into a good running routine! I miss the energy I have after working out. I feel so blah! I have been trying to do little bits of exercise here and there like taking the stairs, etc. But it’s hard. I think I am going to take the girls on a walk soon for a little exercise.
It is so surreal, it definately hasn’t hit me yet that I am out now! I will still be so busy, but hopefully a good busy!

Once again, sorry for the boring post, I hope you all understand!

here is a link to a giveaway as an apology for my boringness!
road ID/calf guard giveaway