Is it just me or did you grow up associating summertime with pool time? I just love it! It is ESPECIALLY nice to get up in the morning and go run, then change into your suit real quick, and jump in the pool. Fabulous! If you have not done this you must.
Going to the pool for me can be a small ordeal, because I like to be prepared (even though its only one street over and I drive there still haha!) I bring a small lunchbox/cooler with water, a snack or two, magazines, sunscreen, phone, sunglasses, towel, pillow (no, not a real pillow, its made for laying outside with, it has a beach towel type cover!)
So this morning I had to get up early to go do my dogsitting duties, then I came home at hurried to go run before it got too hot. Too late. At 8:30 it was in the upper 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. (even though now it has already rained. dang afternoon summer storms!) I set out on 3.25 miles and had to stop and walk a couple times, it was just too warm. I hurried home and changed into my swimsuit, got my “gear” together and was back in the car and down the street in no time. Not to mention, SCORE! I was the only one there!
It’s a saltwater pool, and while nice, it’s way to small for a neighborhood our size (you will see!)

yes behind our pool is a pasture and a random pond that the neighborhood likes to try and call a “lake” as an excuse to sell house for a lot more money.

So, it was pure bliss for about 30 minutes…and then one by one families with small, loud, splash you with their cannonballs kids started arriving. Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize this is a pool, and I realize it’s a fun fun family place….but letting your child scream at the top of their lungs and splash people with water and fight with their siblings very loudly is not pleasant for the other pool goers. After my magazines got thoroughly soaked, I had had enough. (On a side note, why were these people not at work? There were several DADS with moms at the pool! on a weekday! This is why I came today, I thought it would be less crowded. No such luck. oh well!)
I got to relax for a few minutes, right? Bobby came home from court a little bit later and we went to lunch and wal mart then took a nap. He has a tumble cheer lock in tonight so he wanted to get a quick nap in since he will be up till about 4 am. All in all a good day. I have to go back and do my dogsitting duties again tonight, but other than that no major plans which is fine with me! We are having date night tomorrow night, yay!

Have a good evening everyone!
QOTD: what do you think is good pool etiquette, while still maintaining a “fun” factor for kids?