I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! I ad a nice relaxing day, and even took a quick nap! Bobby BBQ’ed some steak kabobs we got at Fresh Market, and we just hung out, just us and the puppies!
We went to smoothie king and Fresh Market the day before. It’s at this awesome outdoor newish mall that we have. I just love it. Bobby’s dad is actually putting a store in there, its under construction.

Bobby was excited to make the kabobs with bell peppers from our own garden. He used sirloin steak, it was so good!

We didn’t use the okra yet and the tomatos aren’t ready but here are some pictures

Later we went to do my last dog sitting duties and we went to sno biz! Wedding cake flavor with extra syrup. YUM! Bobby got strawberry shortcake.

All in all it was a good day. Today has been a long day, no workout. Going to get up early and run tomorrow I hope. Have a good night all!

QOTD: Did you stay home or go out for Memorial Day?